Living in a Material World: It’s the First Time

Now that Isabel has set up her super computer of limitless power, her streaming career has officially begun.

And when it comes to Let’s Plays, what better game to start with than the 1997 classic RPG, Final Fantasy VII?

If you recall, Izzy had played a good 10-15 hours of it for us before on the PS3, but now she wants to make it a series, instead, so with the acquisition of the PC version, the adventure begins anew!

Will Isabel successfully destroy the Mako Reactor?

Does she buy a flower from the girl in Midgar?

How often does she stop playing to check her phone?

The answers can only be found by watching the video!

Click HERE to visit Izzy’s Twitch channel, or visit her YouTube channel HERE. You can also visit the official BlankShowCast YOUTUBE and TWITCH channels, as well.

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