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BSC 2015

Well, hello!

It’s been a while since we’ve released a new episode and I’m sure that our millions… AND MILLIONS of fans are wondering how we’re doing and where the show is headed, so we wanted to make this post and let people know what our current status is at.

The hiatus has been quite refreshing. We’ve been relaxing on the time off and trying to be productive in actual real-life affairs. While some have had more success at it than others, things are moving in the right direction.

This brings us to the podcast, itself. In all honesty, we haven’t talked a whole lot since the break began, but we still share a few texts here and there and throw the occasional idea at each other when inspired. We’re certainly not ending the show outright at this point, but we do want to come up with a more streamlined format so we’re not just talking into the wind.

Our goal is to give our faithful listeners something that will not only entertain, but also have them want to interact with us. We are very aware that our contact with our audience has been mostly non-existent, but speaking for myself, I would like that to change, and I want to come up with methods to increase those opportunities. In fact, if you have any suggestions for us, please tweet @BlankShowCast or send an email to and give us your suggestions. We may also be posting a survey for people to participate in, so keep checking our Twitter feed for further news on that.

Another issue we are about to address is re-posting our back catalog of episodes. We’ve had to switch server hosts a couple times in our show’s life and each time that happened, we had to strike previous episodes from the feed. We could just do a giant episode dump and throw them all up but I felt that would be a disservice to those shows. What I hope to do starting THIS WEEK is create individual posts for each ep and label them as “Classic.” Not only will I be giving these full show descriptions and tags for easier access, but I also plan to record a short 1-2 minute blurb to point out special moments I loved about those recordings. Think of it as a sort of Creator Commentary that will open the show when you download the Classics. Expect the first of those to come during the week of December 5th.

Lastly, with the end of 2016 coming up, the Annual BSC Awards Show is still on-schedule. Our categories are ready and most of our winners have been picked. The show will likely be recorded either in mid-December or after the new year, but it will not be an afterthought for us. Expect the Awards Show in early January.

That’s all the news from us, so far. We thank you for checking in and seeing what we’re up to, and we hope to bring you a much better show going forward. Until then, we hope you enjoy the Classic eps and our BSC Awards, and we wish you all a very happy Holiday season.


-Tony, aka Boots

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