Episode 245 – Out of the Money/Don’t You Have A Husband?

BSC 2015

Episode 245 – Out of the Money/Don’t You Have A Husband? (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)

This week’s episode is so nice that we named it twice, once for each half! Tim and Tony kick things off, and then things wrap up with Izzy, Tony, and the return of our old pal, Paige!

First up, the boys wish everyone a Happy Mexican Independence Day, and immediately welcome the return of the NFL season.

It also means the return of Fantasy Football stories, which may be the best thing about this time of year. Also, Tony played a game.

When Izzy and Paige show up, Iz takes the opportunity to talk about a surprise topic… SPORTS!!! She reveals her love for the gridiron and her fear to drive by herself. Later, Paige prepares to embark on an international journey and tries to convince us of the joys of Mr. Robot.

Meanwhile, Tony reveals that his already terrible financial situation just got worse thanks to his car, and trolls attack Paige in the cyberspace world wide web space world.

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Music used in this episode:

Dream Theater – A Rite of Passage

Yes – Roundabout

Kelis – Milkshake

Kid Icarus OST – Sky Palace

System of a Down – Pictures

[All music used within Fair Use, we think.]

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