Episode 218 – Sage Advice

BSC 2015

Episode 218 – Sage Advice (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)

Our favorite guest and best friend of the show Stephanie returns for the 9th(?) time to join the fun-filled shenanigans that she just can’t get enough of!

Stephanie talks about her recent MMO binge and discusses the finer points of what makes them enjoyable, Boots touches on his Final Fantasy VII replay and tags with Tim in discussing The Witness, Izzy books a trip to Disney World on a whim, and Tim does his usual ADD gaming.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Steph-isode without her and Tim getting into a debate, which they do over the finer points of MMOs vs. MOBAs. However, a shocking twist takes place that confuses everyone for a good minute.

Finally, the show ends with the second installment of Coachella or Naw, the hottest new game show in all the land!

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Music used in this episode:

Dream Theater – A Rite of Passage

Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

Kid Icarus OST – Sky Palace

Queen – You’re My Best Friend

[All music used within Fair Use, we think.]

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