Episode 205 – More Than E-T-I

BSC 2015

Episode 205 – More Than E-T-I (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)

Tim went on a pilgramage to the land of cheeses this week, so the others recruited Amelia from Can’t Talk Media and our very own Pancake Sex Book Club to the show as a special guest!

In this episode, Boots’ dream to do a live food review gets shattered by fate, but the conversation stays rather colorful as Izzy briefly reveals the beginnings of a secret project and hits up another hot convention. Also, Boots begins a chat about Halloween as he plans his costume idea and Amelia recommends a new TV show for our listeners.

Later, Amelia and the others talk about Can’t Talk Media’s recently launched Patreon campaign and breach the subject of what kind of success its had to this point, as well as the overall process of creating something for the masses. CLICK HERE if you’re interested in helping them out!

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Music used in this episode:

Dream Theater – A Rite of Passage

Babymetal – Uki Uki Midnight

Kid Icarus OST – Sky Palace

Transformers: The Movie (1986) OST – Lion

[All music used within Fair Use, we think.]

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