Episode 197 – The Fiery “C”


Episode 197 – The Fiery “C” (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)

It’s a bit of a bummer show, this week. Tim was unexpectedly out of town again, so hotel internet became the enemy and Isabel became boring. At least Tony played a game and had things to say about it.

But it’s not a total loss, as Tim tells us about his brewery tours and a bit of vacation stories. Later, Izzy discovers the magic of NHL goal horns via THIS SOUNDBOARD, and we also discuss the weird urge to jump from tall heights.

Official Tally of Giant Bomb references: 1

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Music used in this episode:

Dream Theater – The Dark Eternal Night

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Where’d You Go?

Startropics OST – Ocean World Map

The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

[All music used within Fair Use]

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