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Living in a Materia World: Ep. 20 – Submarine Thief

Look I’m back! I steal a really sweet red corvette. Wait no it was a red submarine. Too bad it wasn’t yellow I could make some more bad jokes. Anyways I steal the submarine I get annoyed at the game like usual. It’s a grand adventure!  

Episode 210 – Bud Nasty

Episode 210 – Bud Nasty¬†(To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”) It’s a special week for the BSC crew as two of the hosts celebrate birthdays! Boots is fully engrossed in Metal Gear Solid V and his horseback skills, Izzy talks about being a brat because of her birthday, and we also acknowledge… Continue Reading →

Pancake Sex Book Club: The Case of the Bloody Little Slipper by Carlie St.George

Watch as Ness gets super smug because she picked a good book. A really interesting well written novella.

Episode 209 – Sweet Nothings

Episode 209 – Sweet Nothings (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”) The BlankShowCast is happy to announce that this episode is actually about current video games, as the crew is into the latest and greatest. Don’t believe us? Listen and hear the proof! Boots begins the show with talk of a great… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 19 – Underwater

Underwater levels. WHY? Seriously games STOP with underwater garbage! I spend too long attempting to steer a submarine in the newest episode.

Episode 208 – Johnny Cage

Episode 208 – Johnny Cage (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”) Time for another fantastic BlankShowCast for your dirty ear canals! Extra Life happened this past week, so Boots, Izzy, and Tim recap their respective experiences including coffee-induced illness, our personal techniques on playing Cards Against Humanity, crying over the N7 Day… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 18 A Soldier’s Cloud-ed Mind

I was beginning to really feel the whole plot of this game, but man… the entire subconscious journey crap really put the brakes on my enthusiasm. Also, the reveal about Cloud. I knew he was a suspicious person! I’m also contemplating how much hair gel Cloud and his buddies use. Probably a lot. Like, gallons.

Episode 207 – Office Morale

Episode 207 – Office Morale (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”) In a surprise move, we regain a co-host as the vivacious and wonderful Paige makes her long-awaited return to the show! She joins us just in time to talk about this year’s Halloween celebrations and costumes, which includes Paige’s co-workers saying… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 17 Trainwreck

Okay, fine. I take it back. I’m terrible with Cid and I’m terrible at this game and its major events. WHY? I have RUINED a shanty town and I feel terrible. Seriously it’s a damn mess of a situation, but if I try hopefully I can find that materia!