Daily Archives : July 15, 2015

Episode 196 – Angry At the Ramen

Episode 196 – Angry At the Ramen (To download, right click and select “Save Link As…”) Tim was in Portland, unbeknownst to the others, so Tony and Izzy had a casual chat about Comic-Con trailers, vacations, games, and all that good stuff you like. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Official Tally of Giant Bomb references: 2 Got… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: A Troubled Childhood

Good news! I have potions. I develop a weird fear of elevators from this stupid battle sequence. I die a lot and then finally manage to escape Midgar. Also Shinra’s clutches for now. Oh yeah can’t forget that I get some major plot points fed to me through creepy flashbacks. How the heck did Tifa… Continue Reading →