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Living in a Materia World: Ep. 18 A Soldier’s Cloud-ed Mind

I was beginning to really feel the whole plot of this game, but man… the entire subconscious journey crap really put the brakes on my enthusiasm. Also, the reveal about Cloud. I knew he was a suspicious person! I’m also contemplating how much hair gel Cloud and his buddies use. Probably a lot. Like, gallons.

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 17 Trainwreck

Okay, fine. I take it back. I’m terrible with Cid and I’m terrible at this game and its major events. WHY? I have RUINED a shanty town and I feel terrible. Seriously it’s a damn mess of a situation, but if I try hopefully I can find that materia!

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 16 Cid

The shit is hitting the fan. Literally, right now! This entire episode is a storm of events! EVENTS OUT THE BUTT! I still suck at matching my controller buttons to buttons indicated on the screen. Also, I might love Cid. New possibility of him being a main component of my parties in the future!

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 15 Ooo, Treasure!

I spend a lot of time lost on a glacier in this episode. Also dying. Yeah I died a good bit, but not as much as previously so YAY for getting better at this game! This one ends with yet another SUPER interesting plot point. I’m getting more curious about where this whole insanity is… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Ep. 14 Cold and Heartless

My journey through Final Fantasy VII has led up to this moment. I’ve been waiting for it and it felt so well like nothing. I didn’t feel a thing. Maybe a small bit of relief because I knew she was gone now and I didn’t have to deal with the awkwardness. Oh wait then I… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Episode 13 – Temple of Ancients

I finally feel like I’m getting to the meat on this game. The breading is falling away and major plot points are happening. I dived right into the Temple of Ancients and had some revelations about this game. I don’t hate it. I kind of like it or I like to hate it at the… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Episode 12 – Directionally Challenged

I’m hitting major plot points AND I have managed to get not one but TWO new party members in this episode! I discover I’m a terrible mountain climber, despite my best efforts to navigate around things. Those paths are confusing, though, and god damnit… yeah I did totally not realize where I needed to go…. Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Episode 11 – Slug People

Ladies and gentlemen gather round! Place your bets on attempts at opening a safe! The number is higher than you think. Honestly it’s pathetic. That is the main feature of this beautiful let’s play. Anyways I make a transformation halfway through the video don’t be startled. Watch to find out if I ever manage to… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Episode 10 – Ew, This Cave is Disgusting

This episode is adventure packed! I make it to Cosmic Canyon and Gongala! I even manage to get a new party member. Now if you want the details of all the adventuring you have to watch, but I would say this episode holds a lot of key plot points.  Also features a super grody cave. I… Continue Reading →

Living in a Materia World: Episode 9 – Dyne Hard

I feel like this episode is dramatic. Also it’s the first time in the game strangers offer a ride which is just creepy.  Anyways I run around in circles through the desert then we find Dyne. Is this not the most throw away character yet? I mean the whole thing was mellow drama at it’s… Continue Reading →